LSU Coach Talks Maximizing Harold Perkins' Talent in 2024

February 29, 2024

Athlete Studio

In an interview with On3's JD Pickell on The Hard Count, LSU head coach Brian Kelly delved into various aspects of the LSU program as they navigate the offseason.

Addressing the team's focus, Kelly emphasized the significance of defensive improvements, acknowledging that the defense fell short of the required level for playoff contention in the previous season. He highlighted the youth and talent on the defensive side, expressing confidence in the coaching staff's ability to utilize the players effectively. Kelly stressed the need for defensive prowess to secure a spot in the SEC Championship Game, shifting attention from the offense.

Regarding the addition of defensive coordinator Blake Baker, Kelly underscored the importance of not only recruiting but also engaging players. He praised Baker's recruiting skills, his ability to relate to players, and his success in building confidence within the team. Kelly acknowledged the challenges faced by previous defensive coordinator Matt House and believed that Baker's confident approach made him the right fit for the role.

In terms of player development, Kelly addressed the need to maximize the potential of elite athlete Harold Perkins. Reflecting on the previous season, Kelly acknowledged that they did not fully capitalize on Perkins' abilities. He emphasized the importance of both Perkins playing at a higher level and the coaching staff getting him more involved. The spring focus includes determining Perkins' role within the defensive structure.

Discussing the recruiting vision, Kelly emphasized the importance of focusing on the historically successful regions for LSU, particularly the South and the state of Louisiana. He stressed the significance of pulling from their base, leveraging the passion that local kids have for playing at LSU. While acknowledging the possibility of recruiting outside the local footprint, Kelly emphasized the success of staying focused on Louisiana and nearby states like Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

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